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Should tax rates on millionaires be raised?


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    We seemed to have lost our common sense and the ability to use morals and ethics in taxing. What gives a person the right to vote to increase taxes on someone else? What tells us it's right for someone who doesn't contribute to the overall fund for government to tell people who already pay almost all of our taxes that they don't pay enough?

    I say "NO". It's time to take a look at what we're doing and think things through logically. First of all, every study that I've seen shows a high percentage of waste in the three big hitters of our budget; defense, Social Security and HHS or Health and Human Services. So why don't we make a good, solid effort at cleaning these up along with some other waste programs in the government and THEN after we've done that then go to rational tax increases ON EVERYONE, not just those at the top. You can treat people about any way you want but the most important thing is to treat everyone fairly.

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  • The Republicans need to offer to make incremental deals with Obama, each having measurable impact in 2013. Want a tax on millionaires? Then increment the tax along with a 3:1 ratio of spending cuts in 2013.

    No deals that tax now and cut later. None! Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the rest of the Socialist party do not keep promises.


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    We need to spend Medicare money more efficiently. 1. Medicare should be allowed to negotiate drug prices with supplliers on a national basis (drugs are cheaper in Canada because of this), and 2. Medicare should stop paying for unscientific procedures such as acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, etc. These have no medical benefit except for placebo effect.


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    I am glad that Plan B collapsed. Republicans could have used this "crisis"as a bully pulpit to promote a 15% flat tax. This should be the Republican "Plan C". You make a dollar you pay 15 cents, make $1 million you pay $150K. No deductions, not even on municipal bonds. Contributions to charity become charity. Take out a mortgage to buy a house; period. Current tax code promotes overborrowing. You can figure your taxes on less than one sheet of paper. Give your tax attorney and tax preparer the boot. And if your member of congress votes against a flat tax and a balanced budget give him or her the boot too.

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    oh how far we have fallen in understanding economics 101. Want more of something- lower taxes, want less of something - raise taxes. Never mind that there's been little to no discussion on cutting spending back to a level that can be sustained.

    Obama used the lessons he learned in Illinois watching blago when he came in, blow spending out of the water and then keep the discussion not on cutting spending but on raising revenue. Illinois' about to sink under the weight of the unsupport spending/debt blago began as is America about to sink under Obama's out of control spending. Yet, no discussion on cutting spending just how to support it. Makes one wonder why, could it be that the Rep's want to be able to pile up the spending just like the dem's should they ever gain control?


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