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We are a group of researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison conducting a study about conservative political perspectives regarding politics in America today. We would like to hear about your political attitudes and your assessment about the political climate in America, generally.

We’re writing to invite you to participate in this study. The study will involve answering questions about your political attitudes and policy stances, reading some information about current political events, and providing your assessment on the Republican Party and the future of America generally. Participation should take between 20 to 25 minutes.

Clicking on the link below will take you to a page with more information about the survey and a consent form.

If you know of other political conservatives that may be interested in taking this survey, please forward this e-mail to them. Although we ask that you please do not discuss the survey or your responses with your colleagues until they have completed the survey.

Most Sincerely,

Bryan T. McLaughlin, Graduate Research Assistant

Professor Doug McLeod, Professor

School of Journalism & Mass Communication

University of Wisconsin-Madison

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  • Hmm --

    The survey starts off problematic from the beginning for a Libertarian -- are you liberal or conservative? Neither, from the modern definition.

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    It takes a while, but do a survey. Remember that every one you complete may represent 100,000 people. Surveys are a great way to get the Libertarian viewpoint out there.

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      I haven't seen this survey, so I can't comment about this one in particular, but I can comment that surveys are often written by people who have had ZERO exposure to libertarian ideas, and so are unlikely to get the viewpoint heard. Most of the ones I've seen left me disgusted.

      You might see questions like, "What do you think about Bush's Tax Cuts for the Rich?"
      And right away you know where their bias is. And then your choices might be:
      A) It might possibly stimulate the economy
      B) It can't stimulate the economy
      C) It should be repealed to increase revenues
      D) The RIch should pay even more because they can afford it
      E) Undecided

      WHOA, what about, "We should CUT SPENDING and implement some kind of FLAT TAX". So where is THAT answer, Mr. Surveyman, huh?

      Essentially, no matter what answer you give, you're furthering the authors' agenda, whether or not they framed the questions that way deliberately.

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      • This survey was better than most in that respect. They did somewhat focus on the Republican party in later questions, and the main problem was in some biases in questions regarding where the Republicans should compromise more and where they should hold the line, with no choices for "they should push for cutting taxes even harder than they already do".


  • I tried to complete the survey. I found it confusing, as I have hard time to define who conservatives are. Conservatism today is a once young attractive woman, who a few decades ago pledged to be faithful to the ideas of limited government and freedoms of individuals. In the meantime, for many short-term benefits this woman went to bed with religious bigots, with nationalists, with military complex, and with whoever came along promising political power. This woman is still attractive to some, but respected by no one. On my personal website, I have an essay elaborating on this subject. If interested, please click on my profile, and when there go to my personal website.

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    Asking whether Republicans should "compromise" on certain issues was difficult to interpret. Does it mean that regardless of how they feel about it they should do so to get more votes or does it mean that you don't personally agree with this position and feel that the party should drop it?

    Big difference.


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